Daily Confessions

Our Theme for 2013
"Kingdom Victory"

                               Faith Confessions Over My Finances

Dear God my father,

I thank and praise you now for your word and for my provision.  I take this opportunity to confess that same word over my finances.  Jesus, I know that you are the high priest of my confession.  I thank you Father for providing seed for me to sow at this time.  I am a cheerful giver, an excited giver and I know that when I give it shall be given back to me in good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over.  I speak to my seed, my harvest and I command it to produce in Jesus' Name.  I sow in fertile soil: my church, my Pastor and the Kingdom of God. 

Thank you that the devil is rebuked for my sake and that blessings pursue me and overtake me every day of my life.  Your word declares that if I serve and obey, I will spend my days in prosperity and my years in pleasure.  Thank you Father for setting up people now, who somehow, some where will use their power, their ability and their influence on my behalf.

I set and position myself to receive what I have spoken in Jesus' Name. 

Daily Confessions of Faith
  1. I am a new creature in Christ predestined and designed for greatness.
  2. I am a child of God fully expected by the Father.
  3. I am loved by the Father regardless of how I perform.
  4. I love myself and see myself through the love of God.
  5. I am forgiven, forgive others and will not be tormented by my past errors or mistakes.
  6. I am an over comer and my faith is changing my circumstances everyday.
  7. I have the joy of the Lord and peace of mind.
  8. My heart is healed and whole to properly love myself and others.
  9. I am a giver and God is causing people to help me prosper.
  10. I have authority over the devil and no demon power can hurt me.
  11. Abundance is God's will for me and I will not settle for less.
  12. I am healed and sickness will not lord over my body or my mind.
  13. God is on my side, I chose not to fear because God loves me.
  14. The Holy Spirit is my helper, I have the peace of God and I am never alone.
  15. I am blessed and it is only a matter of time before things change; what you see is only temporary.
  16. I have the wisdom of God and hear the Fathers voice and my steps are ordered by the Lord and a strangers voice I will not follow.
  17. I am set in the body of Christ and valuable and choose not to be moved.
  18. I am delivered out of all my afflictions, including persecution.
  19. My future looks better than my past.